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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In good times, in bad times

...I'll be on your side forever more, that's what friends are for

I have known Nancy Donaldson since 1991 and not once has my good friend been anything but a dynamic go-getter, a creative and talented soul. And generous. Nancy has always been willing to share her time, her knowledge and her resources with so many. Take her jewellery talents. Need to know how to create a certain type of wire knot for those earrings you want to make? Nancy will show you how. She'll even share her supplies so you don't run out of wire as you practice the knot. And she'll also tell you the best place to buy your wire cutter and pliers and which brands are the best.

She has never turned a friend away when they needed help -- and now it's time for that good karma to circle around and flow back to her. Nancy is fighting for her life and she needs our help now.

Nancy experienced severe back pain this winter, which she even mentioned on her blog, The Evolution of Nancy. The pain shockingly turned out to be caused by a nasty malignant tumour that was destroying her spine. Emergency surgery in January was necessary and Nancy is now in warrior mode, fighting off cancer as she also fights to regain her mobility. After several weeks in St. Michael's Hospital -- the hospital that saved my life, it's the best in the city in my opinion -- Nancy is now a patient at Lyndhurst Centre, a rehabilitation hospital for those suffering from spinal trauma, where she is receiving intensive physiotherapy. She is also undergoing chemotherapy. So many challenges but Nancy is determined to win both these battles!

And we can all help. Like I mentioned, Nancy has always been willing to help others and now it's time for that good karma to head her way. Nancy is surrounded by a support group of family and friends who are at the ready to help her any way possible, including the organization of a fundraiser to assist Nancy with her medical expenses. Please try to attend. For those who are unable to make it into Toronto on that day, there is another way you can help, as our dear friend Marie Otero is offering some of her amazing artwork for sale, with all the proceeds going to Nancy. Such a generous offer! You can get more details by reading Marie's blog, Lost Aussie on the loose. Please go have a look.

Here is the poster for the fundraiser. It's being held on April 7th at the Green Dragon in Toronto's east end, located at 1032 Kingston Road. I hope you will consider contributing in any way you can. Let's take the worry of her medical expenses off Nancy's shoulders so she can concentrate on her recovery!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Thanks Lennie. This is wonderful. I so appreciate your keeping me in the know. I'll do all I can to help.

martha brown said...

Thanks for posting Lennie.. I totally missed Marie's post, and will pick up some of her prints. Hope to see you on the 7th -- I'm planning to go early :)

nancy said...

thanks lennie, i;ll be there early to set up and get a good "seat"!!

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