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Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm ba-ack!

My goodness, look at all the dust in here! This can’t be good for my allergies.

Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve paid attention to this obviously neglected blog. The dust has piled up, cobwebs hang from the rafters and the place has all the signs of abandonment.

Except it was never really abandoned. I just discovered -- much to my initial surprise -- that despite all the good intentions in the world, it was all too easy to let a short break from blogging turn into an extended getaway. Last summer, I was shocked when I realized it had been over a year since I had blogged and even more surprised when I recently grasped the fact that it was now approaching two years! Oh my. As it turns out, once I stepped away from the blogging world, I realized it didn’t have the stranglehold on me that I thought it did. I could get through a day, a week, a month and, yes, even a year and longer, without blogging.
But I did miss one huge aspect of blogging -- the contact. The people. You guys. And recent developments have made me both painfully aware how fragile this world is and also pleasantly aware how quickly we can all make contact when we need to -- and having a neglected blog has now been troubling me greatly. It was no longer time for thinking, it was time for action. And so here I am. And here you are. Thanks for sticking around!

Why did I take the original break? Valid question. The reason is very personal. It is quite an amazing and fantastic journey -- life-altering is not an understatement -- I have been on since May 2011. But while it is highly personal it is also not secretive -- I want to share the details and will do so after I get my thoughts down in a format shorter than a novel!

I don’t know where this blog is headed in 2013, or beyond. I expect I will make changes to its appearance; it's definitely time to hang some new curtains and get rid of the shag rugs! I am no longer obsessed with Instagram and while I have returned to using Flickr, I relish the idea of using my blog to once again share my images with those who care to have a look. To that end, you’ll see a little piece of artwork above -- a photograph taken just yesterday at the Osceola County Fair and messed with in photoshop today. Who knew that freak shows still existed? I liked the displays outside its entrance and thought the photo appropriate. Like the sign says, I too am actual and factual and very much alive.

Now excuse me while I go find some dusting rags and take some Benedryl.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

1916Aloha from Hawaii to Florida!! I'm so thrilled that you are back. Can't wait to see life from your perspective once again.

We are now settled in our final destination so I should be able to get on line tomorrow.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Have no idea what 1916 is about :)

martha brown said...

Welcome back!

justgilly said... glad you have decided to blog again.....I have the urge too after looking at your great photos and reading your have a very colourful way of describing the moment....I can truly understand where you are coming from!.....keep it going!

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