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Friday, February 11, 2011

Name That Flower

We headed up to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge today, to meander along the Black Point Wildlife Drive. This is a free seven-mile one-way gravel road that weaves its way through a marshy wilderness. Unfortunately, it was a mostly disappointing journey. The captain and I have done this drive before and found it teeming with a huge variety of birds, along with several alligators. Today, the wildlife consisted primarily of mosquitoes. Birds were few and far between and we saw one gator.

But then there were these flowers. Please, see above. I don't know what they are and am hoping someone can shed some light here. They're a beautiful deep red and yellow and about the size of a small daisy or a marigold. These wildflowers were along the side of the road for most of the drive. I'd love to know what these beauties are!

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Joyce at Calico Paint said...

This looks like a wildflower that I've seen on sandy beaches and roadsides in North Carolina. Check this out and see if it's Gaillardia - there are lots of varieties of it.

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