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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Vintage Scene app

Here we go again...time to let my fellow iPhone users know about a new app I've discovered.

Vintage Scene has quickly become a favourite of mine. It includes many different options to apply age and/or grunge to a photograph. You get to monkey around with a lot of the settings and when you come across a particular combination you really like, you get to save it as a new preset with a name of your choosing. For example, the photo above, of the angelic wall decoration inside Buffalo's fantastic Parkside candy store (a must-visit, if you've never been there -- don't forget your camera and don't forget to buy some sponge candy), uses the same combination of effects as this photo below, of the store's exterior:

My only quibble with this app is that it seems to take a very long time to save the edited photos. But the time spent waiting is well worth it, in my opinion. I just love the end results.

As always, click on each photo for a larger view.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh we go again. Did you know that you can play scrabble on the phone and you can join other people? Lesley Jane was doing this over Thanksgiving. So far I've only played against the computer. Vintage Scene it is! Thanks. Really. Thanks:)

Susan Williamson said...

Gosh, I wish I had an iPhone. I just love what you've done with these images Lennie, but then again, you have to start with something good to get the results you did.

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