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Saturday, November 20, 2010

For the Christmas she will remember

For The Christmas She Will Remember

Sometimes, I find something online that just stops me in my tracks.

I set aside some time this morning to look through the photographs and images recently uploaded to Flickr by my "contacts" -- friends, family, and others whose images I always admire. One of my contacts is What Makes the Pie Shops Tick? who always has wonderful vintage finds.

I was delighted to discover that he was sharing pages from a 1964 Frederick's of Hollywood holiday catalogue, the image above being one of them. How cool is that? You can see these pages, including the cover, in his Frederick's set and I urge you to have a peek; I just know it'll make you smile. And perhaps be a little envious of the waistlines. Did women really look like this in the 1960s?


Diane O. said...

That's why so many women have the Barbie complex with the ridiculous proportions. Love looking at the vintage/retro images.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

You're just not old enough dear...why I distinctly remember looking just like that! :) NOT.

martha brown said...

I want that silvery-blue fur-trimmed number at the bottom. Please Santa?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love all those outfits, but I can't decide whether I want the green, blue, or yellow ones most! Green I think.

I wish it was normal to dress all glamourous like this these days, I'm jealous of vintage times! (Vintage times?! Um, yea, why not?)

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