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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sometimes I would like to get in my car and just drive away
To drive to nowhere specific and with nowhere to stay
To drive and to drive just to know I am on my way
--T.M. Severud

The above poem was written by Theodore (Ted) Severud, while the photograph was taken by me in rural northern Tennessee on an (on purpose) off-interstate detour while travelling south last summer. Ted Severud may not be known to you (yet!), but he certainly is to me. As Uncle T. Yup, Ted Severud is my uncle! He's always been "Uncle T" to me and always will be.

I asked for his permission to put his poem together with this image and he quickly and happily agreed. We also agreed to put the image up in my online art shop.

I am so, so pleased to have done this collaboration with my uncle and look forward to lots more!


Bea said...

I love the poem and the photograph together. WEll done. :)Bea

Leslie Jane Moran said...

The long and winding road.

Jennifer said...

LOVE his words and your photograph, together or separately. (You know how I feel about the road...)

I have to check out your shop.

Susan Williamson said...

Perfect. There's something so special about a collabo (as my son calls it) with someone you love.

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