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Friday, August 6, 2010


time to dream

As many of you know, I participate in the Photo Art Journals group. A recent theme was "Dreamscapes" and I was tickled pink to receive my copy in the mail this week. The format for this book deviated slightly from past books as the photos required were 5x7-inches, instead of the standard 4x6-inches. While admittedly more expensive with regards to photo developing, I love the bigger size and hope Catherine chooses this format again.

Our group leader, by the way, is the very talented Catherine Anderson. Her photographs always inspire me. Truth be told, this is a truly inspiring book. The artists all interpreted the theme in their own way, making this such a work of art. A real keeper!

Above is the image I selected to submit to the book; I photographed the angel in Richmond, Virginia, at the Hollywood Cemetery. Our books are typically straight-up photographs, with photoshopping done only for colour correction, contrast boost, etc.; however, this time around, we were encouraged to get as digitally creative as we wanted. Perfect!

Below, the back of the image, complete with its accompanying quotation -- the quotes and/or journalling are a vital part of each and every book. Thanks so much Catherine, for putting together a dreamy book!

guardian angel


Diane O. said...

Very nice images, I like both but the probably the one with the quote just a bit more.

Lost Aussie said...

Love the image Lennie (front and back). I am sure the book was fab.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I was there! I was there! I can't wait to get home and see the book. Bravo everyone!

Catherine Anderson said...

Lennie, your blog is so inspiring as are your photographs. I love the cards you make too and treasure the ones you've sent me. You are a soulful photographer and see the world with so much beauty. So glad you liked the Dreamscapes book.

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