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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

News on the iPhone front

If you've plugged your iPhone into your computer recently, you've likely been prompted to upgrade your software to version 4.0 (it's actually a software and firmware update, so it isn't a fast process). While I constantly take photos with my iPhone, I have unbelievably not downloaded any of them onto my hard drive in almost a month. Wanting to rectify that, I hooked up my iPhone (3GS) this afternoon and was met with the upgrade option. And so, I upgraded.

Yowzers! It's like a full makeover. I can now set one photo to be the wallpaper when I turn the phone on, and a different image can be the wallpaper behind all the app icons. You can now make folders too, keeping all your puzzle games together, for example. I imagine that feature will be quite a space-saver. And the coolest thing I've discovered? My camera now has a 5x digital zoom! I took the picture of Tippi using the zoom feature this afternoon, then opened up the image in Photoshop's Camera Raw interface (just following my Digital Magic class instructions!) to fix it up a touch.

One odd thing did happen to my computer during the upgrade, but for the life of me I cannot fathom why it happened. All my Favorites in Internet Explorer defaulted to alphabetical order. Drove me crazy, having to rearrange them to return to my preferred order. Why my iPhone software/firmware upgrade, done through iTunes, would affect Internet Explorer is a puzzle.

All the images below have been taken since I returned from Art and Soul and are untouched out of my iPhone, except for adding the watermark. Every image below was shot using the Hipstamatic app, with the exception of the crayons, which was shot with the ShakeItPhoto app.

If you upgrade to 4.0, please let me know what new features you find!

(Montana's Cookhouse restaurant; my garden; paint splatter on the sidewalk; Nancy's car)


Diane O. said...

Great photos, wish the iTouch had the camera. I also like the idea of the folders. I decided to add pages to get my apps in some sort of order.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh brother! Another thing to upgrade! I have not had the message yet, so I'll be ready when I get one. Think I'll try plugging the phone in now!

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