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Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a new year, a new decade

The shortbread cookies photographed well but they have all been eaten. The turkey is gone. The living room is undecorated, the christmas tree at the curb. The only signs of 2009's holiday season left are presents still not put away, a bit of fruitcake still uneaten, and chocolates that are almost gone. All in all, a quiet and yummy Christmas here at the eatwritecreate household.

I'm glad we've entered a new decade and left behind the one with no name (the double zeroes? the oh-oh years?). Like all decades it contained good and bad, but while I remember the good with fondness -- and there was much goodness in the past 10 years -- I seem to recall the bad strongly ..... troubles on a personal level (losing beloved pets, my serious illness) and troubles on a grander scale (9/11, Katrina). I'm happy that 2009, which began so sadly for me, turned out to be a wonderful year for my family -- it's given me renewed optimism. I'm ready to tackle this new decade with enthusiasm and hope for the future. It feels great to be positive!

For my family and your family too, I wish peace, contentment, good health, wealth in whatever form means the most to you and, above all, much happiness and love in 2010 and beyond. May you laugh and smile often, may your heart be filled with joy, and may sadness and tears be infrequent. And thank you for continuing to visit my blog; I truly appreciate your support and your friendship.

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Irene said...

Thank You for your good wishes, and the very same for you.

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