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Saturday, December 19, 2009

O Christmas Tree

You see that Christmas ornament, with Snoopy? If it was twisted the other way 'round, you'd see "1978" on it. Yup, that's the Christmas tree ornament the captain and I bought right after we were married, in honour of our first Christmas together. We've bought one every year since; the ornament for 2009 is one we purchased at the Kennedy Space Center during our wonderful family vacation back in June.

Over at The Poetic Eye, today's photo prompt is "The Heart's Light". This made me think of the lights on our Christmas tree, of how they make me feel warm and comfortable. How the brightly lit tree is a symbol that marks our family Christmas as the years go marching on.

Our Christmas tree is finally up, lit, and decorated. We have a real tree this year, our first deviation from artificial in several years. I love the smell. This tree, while fairly tall, is much slimmer than our artifical. Miss Tippi thinks the lights, particularly our snowman lights (pictured below), are toys and she can't understand why she can't play with them. Poor girl. I hope Santa brings her something special!

I took several photographs after the tree went up; the five you see here are some of my favourites. They all light up my heart.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How lovely are thy ornaments! Love that reindeer!

nancy said...

i reconize my "wire work"
they all look so lovely in the different light

Susan Williamson said...

It is wonderful to see your tree and I love that you and the Captain have bought an ornament every year since you've been married. What a wonderful tradition.

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