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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Christmas "Hi!"

Yesterday was what I call a GREAT day. I met Leslie and Irene at the Extra-Ordinary Jolly Christmas Sale and proceeded to do major damage to the contents of my wallet. All for a good cause of course: Christmas shopping! (Okay, some of what I bought was for me.......)

I thought about photographing some of the goodies I purchased and doing a little show-and-tell here on my blog, except I don't want to give away any gift secrets, so I shall have to stay quiet on that front. But I really enjoyed seeing Carmi and Susan and all the others with their wonderful wares and it was so hard to choose what to buy!

After the three of us emptied our wallets, it was off for a yummy lunch of beet soup, pierogies and potato pancakes, followed by even more shopping, along Bloor Street West. Since my cash was gone, I had resorted to plastic. What a day! Finally the shopping ceased and Leslie kindly dropped me off at my friend Lori's home, where I was able to rescue some cookbooks she no longer wanted. Some will stay here with me, but I have a very good home in mind for the rest. And after what turned out to be a very stimulating day, the captain treated me to dinner out -- pasta and wine, not necessarily in that order.......

It really was, as I said, a great day.

I'm not going to reveal what I purchased, but I do have something to share with you, as I did in my last post. This morning, I was going through some of the wonderful Christmas images I found on Flickr -- the Vintage Christmas group in particular is a lot of fun -- and spied this fantastic retro Christmas card I recently downloaded. I cleaned it up in photoshop as best I could and decided it was perfect to share here. Click on the image to see it at full-size, then just save it to your computer. I hope you like it as much as I do!


martha brown said...

Thanks so much for coming Lennie! It was nice to be able to meet you in person! (I love this image)

Leslie Jane Moran said...

It was great fun indeed. I shall be penniless if I continue to come under the spell of your "inspiration" :) All for a good cause I'd say! Thanks for sharing this adorable image. Makes me think 50's....when Christmas truly was magical.

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