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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ottawa, part deux

When last I mentioned Ottawa, I had found the missing tour bus, taken my seat, and regaled my friends with my mini-adventure. After a (very short) drive, the bus pulled up in front of Ottawa's Museum of Civilization. Above, the bus after it had parked there; below, the museum, where some of its workers were on strike. I don't know the reasons behind the rift between management and union, but the poster near the picketers hints at the troubles there.

I did not want to participate in a quickie museum tour so took the opportunity to instead roam the side streets south of the museum. The rain had finally stopped and I enjoyed both the fresh air and the photographic opportunities.

After my walk I took a seat inside the museum and waited for my friends to return from their stroll. As I cast my eyes around, I spied a group of young men and women at a nearby table and became fascinated with the footwear of one young man. I think his girlfriend noticed me taking photographs but I'm not sure they were aware of exactly what I was doing.

Next stop, Montreal!

1 comment:

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Fabulous shots. So glad you found the bus again :) I especially love the shoe shot...who but you ??

You always open my eyes.

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