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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally, Susan

Yesterday, I was in the car. A lot. I'm not complaining; I like being out and about. The day started with a road trip from Scarborough out to Brampton and back again, and ended with a trip out to Ajax with the captain for a yummy Mexican meal at Mexico Lindo.

The day started grey and dull. I picked up Nancy in the morning and off we went, driving through a bit of rain as we made our way west. First stop, Michaels. Nancy bought wool, I bought a circle punch. Next stop, a quest for lunch. We searched for dim sum but settled for Montana's. Then, finally, the sun came out and we reached our destination, the reason for the trip: Susan Williamson's solo art exhibit at the Whitney Community Gallery in Brampton. YES! I finally met Susan.

I am so delighted to have finally met, in person, a woman I have long admired, a woman I considered a friend even though I had never seen her face-to-face. Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?

If you are anywhere within driving distance of Brampton, please get yourself to the Whitney Gallery so you can enjoy Susan's artwork, which will be on display until November 15th.

Her art is stunning, both multimedia and assemblage as well as digital art. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at her displays and absolutely love Creating From the Inside Out, her new book. It's very inspirational and packed with Susan's black-and-white digital art. I spent a lot of time reading it this morning and highly recommend it.

So yesterday I spent the day with a good friend, finally met a new friend, and had dinner with my best friend. All in all, a good day.


Irene said...

Susan is a great artist I agree, I too set out for Brampton and promptly got lost. I'll have to wait for my other half to get to the show.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Sweet sentiments.

Susan Williamson said...

The thrill of the day for me was meeting you that's for sure! Thanks so much for coming and for saying such nice things about my work.xxxS

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