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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Queen Street, east and west

For the past couple of days, the captain and I have been all over the city. On Friday, we ventured down to Queen Street East. There is a bakery that exclusively makes goodies for dogs and Tippi is especially fond of their peanut butter treats. We parked south of Queen, just steps from the lake, walked to the bakery then took a stroll through Kew Beach Park and then along the boardwalk, back to the car. Of course I brought the camera along.

Today, we headed across town, still sticking with Queen Street. Queen Street West this time, though. My friend Nancy has three encaustic pieces showing in the Square Foot art show at the AWOL Gallery on Ossington Avenue and after missing the show last year due to a scheduling mistake, I didn't want to miss it again. The captain parked on Queen near Ossington and we walked along Queen for a bit -- of course I brought the camera along. We then walked up Ossington for lunch before checking out the gallery. Unfortunately, our meal was a big disappointment. The captain ordered the "gourmet grilled cheese" -- cheddar on challah -- and when he bit into it, the plastic wrap that likely separated the cheese slices was melted into the cheese. Yuck! He sent it back and wanted nothing more; it would have put off my appetite too. But the gallery was open (this time!) and we thoroughly enjoyed Nancy's work as well as many of the others on display. The variety is tremendous, everything from traditional oils to photography to collage to multi-dimensional mixed-media pieces. And Michael Jackson! I counted at least ten different portraits of the King of Pop.

Next year, I intend to participate too. And no, I will not be featuring MJ in any of my artwork!


Irene said...

Perhaps that should be our challenge, participation in the square foot show.

nancy said...

so glad you got a chance to see the show!
next year's challenge to get everyone we know to submit something!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh gosh, another thing to add to the list :)

My scramble word is "astrocap". I think this is what I shall have to don in order to keep up with all my bloggy friends! I see a little propeller on top of a beanie.

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