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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Could you, would you

Could you, would you read a book?
Could you, would you have a look?

You can read it in your house,
You could read it to your spouse.

You could read it in your yard.
You can read, it's not hard!

The book is called Green Eggs and Ham,
Green Eggs and Ham, Sam-I-Am.

It is a classic, it is the best.
It is better than the rest.

You will like this book, you will see

And it begins with the letter G.

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss fans everywhere. Posted for A-Z Wednesday.
And no, next week I will not be tackling Horton Hears a Who.)


Irene said...

My sister made green eggs all the time.

Christina said...

LOL!! I loved it, both the book and the clever post. :-)

Anonymous said...

This gets my vote for my all time favorite post!! I love it!!!

Thanks for playing!
Great choice BTW!!!

Kristen said...

Love this post. Fantastic!

Beth said...

I love Dr. Suess and I almost used this for my "G" book.

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