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Friday, August 21, 2009

Something just for you

It's time to give back. For more than a year I've enjoyed the fruits of many other people's labour: all the free textures available online, particularly at Flickr. But here's the thing. I take a lot of photographs with the sole purpose of using those particular images as my own textures. But with hundreds of downloaded goodies on my hard drive, it's always just so easy to ignore the task of creating my own texture files. Last night, though, I was perusing some photographs and came across a folder with several images that practically screamed at me to be used as textures. "Use me, use me," they cried. "Use me now!" And so, I thought, why not create them and share them?

So I did. Last night I got off my duff -- well, I actually stayed on my duff -- and created some of my own textures that I can share with all the other digital artists out in blogland. For now, there are five (pictured above) but there will be more in the future. Please, use these as you wish. I would love to see what you do with them, of course. You can click on the image above to take you to my texture set on Flickr, where you can download all five files, or just click HERE or look on the sidebar on your right for the "Lennie's free textures" button that will link you up.

Thanks for having a look, thanks for telling all your friends to have a look, and thanks also to the hundreds of artists out there already sharing their creative efforts!

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