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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reserved for FBI

I love it when a weekly photographic challenge coincides with a photo I really like but have yet to use. I checked the theme over at Unique's Photo Challenge this morning and discovered it was "triangle". At first I was going to use a very cool old motel sign I found down in Florida -- the sign had a neon arrow and arrows have triangles at the end, right? -- but as I was looking through my photographs I remembered the FBI signs I took in Savannah in January. The captain and I were just out walking when we came across the local FBI digs on a back street.

I wanted the red in the sign to pop, but thought the background was just too bright and distracting. So here's a quickie tutorial on what I did in ps. I fiddled with the contrast, white levels and saturation on the entire photograph, while keeping my concentration just on the sign. After it was to my liking, I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool and outlined the sign, then selected Inverse. I then lowered the saturation dramatically, leaving just a touch of colour. It may look black-and-white at first glance, but I left a hint of green in the background. This method gave me exactly the effect I wanted.

As always, click on the image to see it larger.

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