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Monday, March 16, 2009

My first Macroday entry

There are many "art challenges" out there on the web and I've participated in several. Basically, for those not familiar with the concept, these are weekly themed artistic challenges -- you visit the site and if the theme inspires you at all, you post an entry (either on your blog or at a photo site like Flickr). One I've never contributed to -- until today, that is -- is the Macroday challenge. I love shooting macros but lately I've gotten away from it. But when I read this week's theme, Illustration, and saw that one of the suggestions as subject matter was a logo, I knew I had the perfect entry. Earlier this year I was playing around with shooting macros and photographed my mouse. As you can see, it's a Kensington mouse, complete with logo. Click on the image to see it larger than it appears above.

It's a wee thing, this mouse of mine, barely three inches long. And yes, it's pink. Part of the proceeds went to breast cancer research. It's more than two years old now and I must say, I use and abuse it. It's been a great little mouse but it does need replacing. I hope I can find another just like it.

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