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Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the road again

Hello from Kentucky! Yes, the captain and I are once again motoring on down to Florida. We left Toronto early this morning, pulling out of our driveway just prior to six a.m. And here we are in Corbin, KY -- birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken (but we had barbecue for dinner, yum).

Above you will see what we were only too happy to leave behind. We stopped for coffee at Timmy's in Windsor before crossing the border and I couldn't help but reach for my camera. It was cold, it was dull. Black-stained icky snow was piled everywhere. But by the time we reached Dayton, Ohio we were so delighted to notice that the snow was basically gone from sight. Here in Corbin, there is no snow and it's warm, at least for winter-weary Canadians. At six p.m., it was +9C. Yay!

I will try to blog along on this road trip, sharing photos when I can.

1 comment:

marites said...

yay! that looks very cold! anyway, have fun with your trip:)

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