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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally, Florida

Yes, we made it. Hooray! But we were not without an adventure today. I am tired this evening so the tale of the hotel room that did not have a single window (nope, not a one) will have to wait. But tell the tale I will; I have a complaint against Days Inn and it's a doozy. Suffice it to say we are NOT staying at their local facility. Not tonight, not ever.

Have no fear for our comfort though; a quick change of plans and we are now happily lodged in the same hotel we stayed at
in October and we will be quite content until we get possession of the condo.

And the pelican? A lucky photo off our balcony shortly after we checked in -- a little cropping and a little photoshopping was all I did to it.


nancy said...

hey len, glad you made it safe and sound, it started snowing this morning and we are expected to get 20cm, wish i was with you!!!!

Larraine said...

Customer service seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. Once upon a time the customer was always right. Now you get arguments from people. I have been accused of "attitude" by more than one person. I confess I do have some attitude, but mostly because I expect decent service. As for Walmart, you certainly have the right to shop there. However, keep in mind that this company is run by a very wealthy family. They are spending money hand over fist building an art museum for their local town in Arkansas. I love art museums, don't get me wrong. However, these people could EASILY afford to provide health insurance for all of their employees. I read once where they said it would cost everyone $500/year. That's not that much money when you ge right down to it. Quite frankly, they could just buy a couple less paintings every year and provide it if they wanted to. Also, Walmart, which used to encourage people to "Buy American" is at least partially responsible for a lot of smaller companies moving their operations to China. They brag about the "jobs" they provide in small towns without mentioning the fact that they were instrumental in closing the factories that paid people in small towns a living wage. Americans deserve BETTER than Walmart.

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