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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flickr vs. Aminus3

For the past few months, I've been leading a double-life. From a photography perspective, I mean. (Lennie, super-spy, comes off as just plain weird......)

Back in June, I made the decision to challenge myself to submit artistic photography (altered photos as well as digital collages) to my Aminus3 gallery every single day. And I did a pretty good job of it. But it dawned on me today that I have not uploaded anything to Aminus3 in several days; our recent Pittsburgh getaway caused that every-single-day-challenge to go to h - e - double toothpicks in the proverbial handbasket. Sure, I could hunker down and get caught up, but what will happen when we go on vacation next month? And when we do our snowbird thing next year? I know exactly what will happen: I will fall woefully behind. And then I will feel like it was a failure rather than a setback. And besides, art shouldn't be a chore.

It's not like I haven't been paying attention to my photography. While I am proud of the work I've submitted to Aminus3, I am even more proud of my photo galleries, which are hosted by Flickr. And I originally wanted my blog to be the host of my photo experimentations, but that work drifted onto Aminus3 rather than here. I'd like my blog to once again be the primary showcase for my photoshop experiments and so a decision had to be made.

It's like it's been a contest between Aminus3 and Flickr for my attention, for my artwork. Well, the contest is over. Flickr wins.

So if you'd like to see some photos from that Pittsburgh getaway, they're up at my Flickr account. With more to come, I know, almost every single day. And those photo experiments? They'll be appearing here again. Like the above collage, posted originally at Aminus3. But now it's here. This is a decision I feel good about; I disliked the feeling I had of being pulled between the two sites. I had a nagging doubt that Aminus3 wasn't a good choice for me and I'm relieved to be able to focus my concentration on my photo galleries. If you have a moment, I do hope you'll have a look.

1 comment:

nancy said...

Hey Len, don't get overwhelmed!!!
just do what you can and start enjoying it again, thats the whole reason you started this. To have fun and create!

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