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Monday, September 1, 2008

The charms of the small town fair

Being a big city girl, a small town fair is not a typical summer event. We do have the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) here in Toronto, but it long ago lost its charm for me. I do indeed love a fair, but the CNE is too crowded, too noisy, too dirty, too loud and too expensive for my tastes. Every summer I think I want to go, but yet every summer goes by and the captain and I never make the effort.

But now I have seen the small town fair and I am enthralled. Yesterday, a beautiful summer day with blue skies and bright sunshine, the captain and I debated between staying home and doing chores or heading out for a drive into the countryside surrounding the city. It wasn't a hard decision -- the country beckoned. We had no plans, no destination. And so off we went, turning this way and that, until we came across a sign that told us the town of Port Perry was just 3 kilometres away. Being so close, we decided to go in and look at the boats. We never made it to the water though, as shortly after arriving in town we spied the sign advertising the fair. "Do you want to go?" the captain asked. Did I! I didn't have to be asked twice. And so off we went.

What a treat to be able to park mere steps from the fair's entrance, and what a charmer the entire fair was -- there were games to play, treats to eat, a ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, cows to admire, cow patties to avoid, new tractors and old cars to ogle, prize-winning canning and crafts, even horse racing. We saw oddly shaped vegetables, giant sunflower heads, children's artwork. A little boy fished for a prize at the ducky pond and a young girl beamed as she sat atop her carousel horse. It was a pure delight.

So here's a wee taste of the charms of a small town fair.


noble pig said...

The small town fair is so much more exciting and fun sometimes than the Big State lines, now crowds, just fun.

nancy said...

hey Len, looks like you had a great day!

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