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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Purple in my viewfinder

Purple is one of my absolute favourite colours. I have several photos of purple flowers, purple objects, etc. So when I read that the Tuesday Challenge had the theme of purple, I had a dilemma .... which photo to choose?

I went with this door; I think it's a good choice. I spied it on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto as we were walking back to my son's new apartment after a great Thai dinner the evening after they moved in earlier this month. How could it not catch anyone's eye? The colours, the grunge ... it's a natural for those who like to capture "life in the city". I take lots of pictures but one of my delights is taking photographs in and around any city I'm in. I wonder how many "urban photographers" here in Toronto have a photo of this door in their collection?

When I was 14, my entire bedroom was painted this colour. I loved it. I don't think it would be so restful now, though!

1 comment:

noble pig said...

That is seriously the coolest door ever! I wish they would clean it up but I guess in some ways it adds to it. Now I'm dying to see what's behind that door!

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