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Monday, August 18, 2008

Polar opposites

I'm so, so behind ... in everything. I know that the Inspire Me Thursday challenge announcement always falls on, well, Thursdays, yet here I am, not contributing until Monday. Sigh. Lately, days seem to lead into nights and then the day is gone and I look back and realize I have not accomplished near what I wanted to, each and every day.

Here is my contribution for the current Inspire Me Thursday theme of "opposites". It was taken in Savannah, Georgia earlier this year and falls into the "right place, right time" category of photographs. We were leaving Savannah that day, heading down to Orlando for a few nights, and I was standing on the sidewalk near our hotel, waiting for the captain to bring the car around so we could go. I looked up and there I spied the weathervane. Luckily, I just about always have a camera handy.

The captain and I are currently contemplating a return trip to Savannah this fall. We are heading down to Florida anyway and it would be easy to make a stop. It would be my fourth visit there and his third, but none of the visits have been autumn ones. My first trip there was with a girlfriend on a summer roadtrip. It was a scorching August and I honestly thought I was going to melt. Choosing a non-airconditioned tour bus (we didn't know until it was too late to change) didn't help matters. Now, last February and this January showed me an opposite side of the city and I learned how pleasant the weather can be in Savannah. And I bet autumn would be gorgeous!


noble pig said...

I have always wanted to go to Savannah and go to Paula Deen's restaurant! I hope you get to go again.

Love that picture too.

laurel said...

I so identify with not accomplishing all that you want too. I keep wondering if that ever ends. I need to go to Savannah too. It's so close, it's silly that I've only been once as a teenager. Like that weathervane.

Jack said...

Savannah is nice and fall is the best time to eat wild Georgia shrimp. My inlaws have eaten at Paula Deens but they liked her brother's place better. If you are in that area alot check out StSimons and Jekyll islands sometime great beaches and plenty of good food.

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