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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Old fashioned? Yes and no.

The theme at Photo Friday this week is "old-fashioned", but the term old-fashioned is so subjective. For example, the music of the 1970s and 1980s is now considered old by so many, yet the 1970s will forever remain "my decade" and its music will always be number-one for me. It's not old-fashioned at all -- to me. To those who weren't even born until the 1980s, I completely understand the retro flavour that 70's and 80's music has for them. It's still appealing, but it's old-fashioned. In the 1970s, that's how I felt about music from the 1950s.

As I searched for an image to fit this theme, I remembered the above photo. It looks old, but it isn't at all. Back in August 2005, I was in Lancaster PA. Wandering around, I turned the corner and saw what you see in the photo. Well, in colour, that is. At the time I was delighted to have discovered this beautiful old building; I am now saddened to discover via Google that the old Watt & Shand department store in Lancaster in the photo is being turned into a convention centre. Blah to that!

Anyway. The old-fashioned mood of the photo is, I believe, enhanced by my digital manipulations. The look I was after was one that would make you think you were seeing a much older photo -- so, I went with black-and-white. I was (and am) very happy with the results.

I was on a road-trip that August with a girlfriend and we spent a day and night in the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania. What a beautiful part of the U.S.A. -- I would love to go back and spend more time there. Only I'm now a little leery that recent "progress" may have stripped away some of the area's charm. Hmmmmmmm.

1 comment:

noble pig said...

Wow this does look like an old photo. Just gorgeous.

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