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Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm cutting off my little contest early, since Kristen nailed the photo very shortly after I put it up. Way to go, Kristen! Kristen, please email me at alphabetsoupstudio (at) so I can make arrangements for your prize! Kristen has a terrific blog, Dine & Dish. If you've never checked it out, go there right now! Now, I say. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Ah, you're back. Next time I'm going to have to come up with a harder photo -- insert loud evil laughter. Pool noodles (swim noodles) are indeed the subject of the photo -- the picture is just one of many photographs I took while walking around Rona, a big-box hardware/home improvement store similar to Home Depot. While the captain hunted down clarifier for the pool, I pulled out the small camera I keep in my purse and started snapping away. One thing I discovered -- there is much colour at the hardware store! I'll have to go back.


noble pig said...

OMG duh!

Congrats to the winner.

Kristen said...

Oh wow - thank you so much :) I'm sorry to have guessed it so early. We have little ones and spend a lot of time at the pool.
Love this photo and am very excited to have won.
Thanks so much!

firstborn studio said...

how fun!
i missed the boat(or noodle,if you will!)

hope you are well and staying as cool as you are!!!


Susan Williamson said...

I was pretty sure it was a swim noodle too. But since Kristen beat me to it, I kept trying to come up with an alternative and nothing seemed to work. It makes me feel better that I got it though!

Krysta said...

i need to use MY noodle. how cute!

firstborn studio said...

lennie sweet,
take a peek at my blog!


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