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Friday, July 25, 2008

At least it's sunny today

It has been a week of rain here and I think it's getting to everyone. You can't plan anything of an outdoor nature without making contingencies for dashing indoors. The grass is growing like bad weeds, which would typically be welcome but instead it's just a verdant reminder that it's been raining TOO MUCH. We've set a record. Basements are flooding out everywhere. Enough already!

At least today features blue skies and sunshine. But guess what's in the forecast for tomorrow. You got it. More rain.

I went outside yesterday evening to take some pictures for an upcoming photo art journal in which I'm participating. Everything was so wet from the day's earlier rainfall. My socks got soaked just walking around on the deck and after sitting down on one of my patio chairs to shoot some photos from a particular angle, I stood up to discover my rear end was drenched from the very damp chair. But at least I remembered to take advantage of the rain-soaked greenery and captured several shots of the grape vine that threatens to overtake my back yard. It won't for long though; it's days are numbered. I bought a new pair of pruning shears and I'm not afraid to use 'em.


noble pig said...

Beautiful photo! I've heard the storms are just terrible! Stay dry.

Carmi said...

Hi Lennie!
I am so glad I found my way to your blog! Let me know when you get your Etsy store up!

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