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Friday, May 16, 2008

New stuff

I have been a wee bit busy, working on some new art. Sometimes I just feel inspired. I added a few photos to my web site, in the What's New gallery. If you haven't yet visited my site, you'll find three links there: eat, write, and create -- create takes you to all six of my photo galleries. The "eat write create" links have always been at my web site, those three terms really define me, my interests. And that's why I used those three words as the name of this blog, in case you were curious. It's just, well, me.

I also added a few pictures to my Flickr account. I have been experimenting, trying some of my favourite Photoshop techniques in different orders or with different choices, plus trying things I've outright never tried before. And instead of being a frustrating experience, it's been fun! I sure hope this inspiration sticks with me.

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