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Saturday, May 3, 2008

I missed "color week"

This blogging world reveals something new to me every day. For example, "color week". I missed it. My excuse? I've been away.

Yes, it's a lame excuse, but I really was away and am just today catching up on my blog reading. And then I discovered that curious bird had designated last week as Color Week, with each day of the week assigned a particular colour. I would have loved to participate, so I decided to join the party, just a little late. I postponed my blog reading and started to search through my photos, looking for ones I've yet to use in any artwork as my contributions. Nothing like a good challenge. I've posted my choices above: green monday, yellow tuesday, orange wednesday, pink and red thursday and finally, blue friday. The fire hydrant was used in an op-art piece (posted in the urban gallery on my web site) but it's never been presented unaltered before, so I went with it. Nothing like a red fire hydrant! Ours are yellow here in Scarborough.

It was a great exercise in restraint, as I so wanted to go crazy with the photos but instead made myself stay away from blending modes, filters, etc. It was also an eye-opener for me as I discovered many forgotten photos that I once-upon-a-time couldn't wait to alter. My future projects await!


David said...

these were amazing. Since loosing my hearing recently, I have become so visual and this blew my top. Your whole blog is a treat. I am so glad I stumbled upon it. you write well which makes it an even nicer treat.
thank you!

me again said...

david, thank you for your kind words!

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