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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Greetings from Nashville

I know what you're thinking. Nashville -- welcome to the south, the home of country and western music. True, true. But I'm not referring to that Nashville. We're visiting family in Indiana, not Tennessee. Yup, there's more than one Nashville.

This is a beautiful rural area heavily populated with wildlife. Every day we look into the backyard and see deer, sometimes several of them. A few days ago we quietly and slowly opened our bedroom window so I could quickly get some photos.

The deer sensed the window being opened and at first I thought we'd spooked them. But after pondering the situation for a moment, they went back to grazing. And eventually wandered off.

I tried the "palette knife" filter on this photo. I love how it gives a painterly impression without losing any of the realism.

1 comment:

Nancy Donalson said...

Hey Len, hope you having a great visit, call me when you get home, Nancy

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