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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Short and Wide

Short and wide -- an apt description for me, for sure, but tonight I'm musing on image size, not body image.

Have you ever watched the Landscape as Muse show? This CBC production features 30-minute profiles on various artists; as I was perusing the lineup on the Documentary Channel, the episode profiling photographer Thaddeus Holownia caught my eye. What also caught my eye, as I was watching, was his choice of large-format equipment and the size of his photographs: 8 inches high and 20 inches wide.

So the show ended and I immediately fired up Photoshop to try an 8x20 crop. Just yesterday I had been messing about with a lily photograph so I decided it would be subject to my newest experiment. Results, above. Yes, I had a little texture fun as well.

My next experiment with this size will be, I think, some black-and-white architectural shots. Thank you, Mr. Holownia, for the inspiration.

1 comment:

Leslie Jane Moran said...

All new to me. I had not been aware of this show, or the photographer. Thanks on both counts. Love the image. That will indeed be a fun thing to try. Nice lily :)

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