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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gone fishing

I am on a fishing expedition. No, not for real fish. Although I think a real fishing trip would be a lot more fun that this one. You see, I think my blog has been looking stale and dated and desperately in need of an updated, fresh appearance. So I decided to go fishing for a new blog template.

To that end, I have spent hours testing various templates. Who knows which one you're viewing as you read this -- I have been experimenting since yesterday afternoon and so the look around here has been in constant flux.

This search has been quite the eye-opener. There are countless templates to be had, free for the taking. Yes, there are also ones that require payment. Styles and designs appear limitless and it's proven difficult to narrow down the specific details I want and then find a template that delivers. Like real fishing, this task requires patience and the willingness to have several hours pass without a single accomplishment.

I'll let you know when I finally reel in the big one.

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