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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Soulful? Or soulless?

I lean towards the latter. I photographed these stone cold faces three years ago, on the grounds of a local treasure, The Guild Inn. I blogged about that photographic walkabout way back when; you can read that post HERE.

I need to return and scope it all out again. But not anytime soon. I am feeling quite punky and suspect I'm coming down with a spring cold. Monday, I was fine. Yesterday, I felt off. And today...still not normal. No outdoor adventures for me until I am better.

Luckily, The Guild Inn is just a short drive from my home. Once these germs have been beaten down and banished from my body, all I need is a decent day, weather-wise, and I will return to seek out these faces once more. Perhaps they won't appear so stern and soulless to me this year.


justgilly said...

Faces frozen in time....intriguing.... and great subjects for photography and editing!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I just saw a news article on the Guild Inn. It certainly should be photographed soon. I think they are failing on the restorations and are tending towards demolition. Another project.

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