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Thursday, May 19, 2011

On a journey

I've been neglecting this poor little blog of mine. Sometimes, life just gets in the way.

I'm on a journey right now and, unfortunately, it's not one where all of you can come along for the ride. Not this time. Some amazing things have been happening of late. Good things. Good, but very personal. Someday, I know, I'll share them here. But now is not the time.

More artwork is on the way. My muse, who's been pretty quiet lately, is starting to rumble and get pretty noisy. I'm going to try to listen to her.


Lost Aussie said...

Good luck with wherever you are going.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

It really is all about the journey this time. Hopefully the destination will be everything you have ever hoped and wished for and more. Take your time, the best things are 'in the moment'. Good thoughts.

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