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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shopping remorse

daisy plates

We all know about buyer's remorse -- you lug a purchase home only to stare at it and wonder what on earth possessed you to buy it. But then there's the opposite, which I suspect we all know about too. That's where you don't buy something and very soon after, regret the decision.

Sometimes you can dash back to the store and breathe a sign of relief when you find the item of your desire is still on the shelf. But that's not an option when the item you wish you'd bought is now hundreds or even thousands of miles away because you were on vacation when you saw it. And it's not an option when the very store where you saw your goodies has gone out of business. Worse, you knew they were going out of business when you were there and you still weren't savvy enough to snap up the items on the spot.

Yes, I'm talking about myself here. There was this wonderful store called "inventory" in Titusville, Florida. It specialized in vintage items like kitchen collectibles and it was going out of business. This was a couple of years ago and while I did buy some neat things there, to this day it still irks me that I let some goodies just slip through my fingers. Like all the stuff you see here. Oh, I took pictures. But the blue daisy plates? Left them behind. The red Pyrex that I constantly covet? Amazingly, I left it on the shelf. The Pop Kola bottle (only a dollar!) that would have looked wonderful with a single flower in it? Left it behind. The milkglass mugs with the avocado-green harlequin pattern? Even though I collect vintage housewares in that 70s classic colour, I didn't buy those either.

vintage pyrex

pop kola

harlequin mugs

It's not the first time I've saved my money and then regretted it, and I know I'll certainly do it again. Pop on over to my Stuff I Did Not Buy collection and have a peek -- although I confess that not every photo represents something I seriously thought about buying.

How about you? What do you wish you'd bought?


Lost Aussie said...

I know what you mean. I so wish I had bought that red teapot I saw the other day (for a mere $4!) and did not.
However, I seldom throw anything out, so there gets to be a point where the cupboards are JAMMED full.
Catch 22 I guess.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Go back immediately and see if that suitcase you passed up is still there!:) I have to admit to the weakness of rarely passing things up, hence my garage! This could be a very good way of preserving the memories though. From now on, I'll take pictures and put them in a journal. This will make much less clutter. I do love the photos too. Genius!

martha brown said...

Love those daisy plates. I'm mourning them with you....... I AM a compulsive thrift shopper..... But lately I regret not buying suitcases. I LOVE vintages suitcases..... And passed up a lovely white one a few weks ago.... I've been dreaming about it.....

Larraine said...

Actually I think it's so funny that the stuff I hated when it was new is getting a rebirth. I look at that today and feel the same way I did then: ugly, ugly, ugly! To each his/her own I guess. You probably would think my pottery collection is awful.

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