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Friday, March 18, 2011

The end of an era

We always said we would drive it until it died. Well, we did. Because it did.

The captain was downtown on Tuesday afternoon and, about two blocks from his destination, our Big Blue Beast (also known as our Astro van) ground to a halt. Literally. First there was a grinding noise, I was told, and then the car just lost all power. It was towed to our mechanic and then we awaited the news.

It wasn't good. Our Big Blue Beast's heart had finally ceased to beat. Or, in less romantic terms, the engine died.

We've experienced a lot with our BBBeast. It was absolute perfection for a road trip, with lots of room inside. It's taken us all over Ontario, down to Buffalo more times than I could ever possibly count, down to Indiana to visit family many times, and safely transported us to Florida and back five times. It's helped our son move out, then back in, then back out again. Terra loved riding in it; Tippi would always eagerly jump in too. It's enabled me to go to everything from yard sales to Ikea without worrying about how I would schlep something home. It sat high and proud on the road and, for a drive-by shooter like myself, enabled wonderful views of all the passing scenery.

This was an aging beauty; it had begun to rust, quite badly in spots, and the upholstery was really showing its age. We bought it, used, back in June, 2000. It's a '93 and I really was hoping it would make 20 years on the road, but that was not to be. Its final mileage: 322,147.3 kilometres. That's something!

Parts of our BBBeast will live on, as an organ donor if you will. Our mechanic also drives an Astro and so has bought ours, to salvage what parts he can, for use with his own vehicle. The captain pried the logo (what you see, above) out of the dash before turning the keys over to the mechanic, to bring home to me. He knew I wanted it.

So now we are back to being a one-car family. Sure, this will save us money on gas and insurance, but I really wish my BBBeast was still in the driveway. Rest In Peace; you were a great vehicle.


martha brown said...

My last dog's name was Astro -- whenever I see an Astro van I think of him. Now I'll think of you too :)I wonder if any of the vans that I saw were yours..... even in Indiana. I lived there for a year :)

Leslie Jane Moran said...

It's so sad when you love a vehicle and then it's gone. Hard to replace, but then again, it did you well while it lived. I'm glad the mechanic wanted some of it's parts...that's quite sweet really. The BBB lives on! Sorry for your loss.

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