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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Peach State

Greetings from Savannah, Georgia! Yes, the captain and I are once again on our winter getaway. We left a FREEZING cold Toronto early Saturday morning, spending our first night in Corbin, Kentucky. It was chilly there, but nothing like we'd left behind. Macon, Georgia was where we called it a day on Sunday, and this morning we left Macon and headed for Savannah.

Before we pulled away from the hotel in Macon this morning, I snapped the photo you see above. It was so wonderful to see all the pansies planted around the hotel. Pansies = spring! And it's only January! Ah, I love coming south.

(The clipping mask I used to create the rough edge and the word "beautiful" is one of the offerings at Elemenopea; please pop by to have a look! And thank you for the kind comments and emails about the new venture!)


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Filter, distort, lens correction :)
Glad to hear that you are finding it nice and warm. It's still freezing here, some snow...Good Move Lenore!

nancy said...

enjoy your trip!
and maybe bring some warmth back with you's
minus 4 rith now!!!

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