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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Congratulations, Carmi!

I have been sooo busy! I have oodles of projects on the go right now and that makes it hard for me to find any quiet time for myself. But I did sit down yesterday and spent an enjoyable time flipping through Art Girl's Guide to Paris, written by our very own local star, Carmi Cimicata. Bravo, Carmi!

She has a new blog too, to accompany the book. Do not miss Art Girl's Guide to Paris; it's a real treat. After you check out the blog, I'm sure you'll be eager to buy the book. You won't regret it.

I am very impressed with this book, which is chock-full of all the information any self-respecting artsy girl needs when travelling to the city of lights. The quality of Art Girl's Guide to Paris is exceptional, the photographs are lovely, and the info in the book is invaluable whether you're planning a trip to Paris or just dreaming about one. Since I've never been and have no immediate plans to hop on a plane, I'm in the dreamer category. One day! And when I go, I will travel with Carmi's book in my carry-on!


Carmi said...

I just came onine and saw your lovely post!!! Thank you so much!

Bea said...

I may not actually get to Paris but I sure will enjoy taking a trip via this book, in my studio. :)Bea

Jennifer said...

The book looks and sounds like a gorgeous indulgence. (And so is quiet time...) Hope you get your trip before long. Fingers crossed!

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