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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's iPhone time

Yes, I've done it again: found a new app (or two) for my iPhone. They just keep coming, don't they? Just when I think I couldn't possibly find another image-editing app I could use, I come across one I absolutely, um, need. And you know I'll share the scoop.

First photo, above. I took this photo of Toronto's famous CN Tower while at the Blue Jays baseball game at the end of April (the dome was open at the time). As I often do, I used the Toy Camera app, set on random. Toy Camera and Hipstamatic seem to be my go-to apps.

I then brought the picture into the Lo-Mob app, an amazing tool everyone should have on their iPhone. It offers a huge selection of choices from grunge to vintage, such as ttv frames and instant camera styles.

Next, another picture I took while at the baseball game. Again, I used the Toy Camera app, set on random. I enjoy the surprise factor when using the random setting; for this photo, the app selected a black-and-white appearance. I then brought the photo into my newest app, FotoMuse. Using that app, I heightened the contrast and then applied the "textures" (the app calls them Layers and Borders). That's it; easy peasy.

I need to find some time to play with these apps extensively!


Bea said...

OK, these are just too much. I don't have an Iphone and the chances of getting one are next to zero. SOOOOOOoo, do these apps show up in any other product? Do you know? Does anybody? Does this mean I actually have read and study my photoshop elements? sigh :)Bea

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh My Goodness! Another one!
I have an idea of when you can fiddle with you apps! :)

Lost Aussie said...

Great pics Lennie, you are the iPhone Photo Diva!

Joyce at Calico Paint said...

Yes, you've done it again! You are mainly responsible for my plunking down $$$ last week to upgrade to an iPhone. And the second app (after public radio) that I got was Hipstamatic. I'm still playing with that one, but love hearing and seeing your new ones!

Heloise said...

I came across your blog the other day and I am so glad that I did. The photographs that you have altered are great and I have added some of the apps that you mention to my phone. Thank you for sahring this information.

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