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Saturday, April 24, 2010

iPhone news

We interrupt this ongoing Chicago travelogue for some breaking news: I have discovered a new iPhone app! (Oh dear. I can hear a collective groan. Would it help if I told you it's only 99 cents?)

I was having a look through the numerous Flickr groups to which I belong earlier today when I spied some photos that I thought were taken with an iPhone. I wasn't sure because the effect wasn't familiar. Turns out the photographer was using an iPhone; he'd made his photos look shabby and worn using an app called Pic Grunger. Of course, I had to have it!

It's very easy to use -- you just open up an existing photo in your Camera Roll, then choose from several grungy effects. Simple as that. (Should you choose to get this app and have a 3GS iPhone, like me, make sure you go into your Settings, scroll down to find the listing for Pic Grunger, and tell it you have the 3GS; this apparently ensures you get the proper resolution.)

Both photos above were ones I had taken using the Hipstamatic app. The captain and I were out for dinner with our son's girlfriend the other day and she and I thoroughly appreciated the crayons on the table; photographs were taken (are you surprised?). I think every restaurant should provide crayons!

The crayon image was created in Pic Grunger using its "acid" effect, while the wish image features "cracked".

This photo was taken using the ShakeitPhoto app, while I waited in the car as the captain ran some errands. I love taking photos wherever I am. Tonight, I brought the image into Pic Grunger and chose "streaked". I don't use ShakeitPhoto often, likely because I tend to immediately tap on the Hipstamatic app when I reach for my iPhone. Shakeit is fun; you get to shake your iPhone as you "process" the photo!

Lastly, this photo was taken as we were driving around, using the Toy Camera app (set on random). I then launched the CameraBag app and applied the Lolo effect. Then, tonight, I brought that into Pic Grunger and chose "blotched".

One photo -- three apps! Using multiple apps on one image is fairly new to me, but I think I'm going to be doing it with great frequency. I really like the results.


Lost Aussie said...


Bea said...

It's so much fun to see what great things you can do with your phone. It's absolutely amazing to me. It makes me giggle when I see them and go, ooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaah!You know I'm having a loose Saturday Through the Lens challenge for the year. You might want to play. You and your phone are attached at the hip, right? lol

Susan Williamson said...

I don't have an iPhone but now I want one because of the apps. Love the grunge effects on your fabulous photos.

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