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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I found a new app

Attention, iPhone fanatics! The geniuses behind the Hipstamatic app have released something new to feed our app addiction. It's called SwankoLab and, like Hipstamatic, it's very cool. In a nutshell, it simulates a darkroom -- you select an image you've already taken, then pour various "chemicals" into a developing vat and await the results. There are ready-made formulas you can try or you can just wing it and choose your own chemical stew. Imperfect results are encouraged -- over-processed, odd colours, etc.

If you wish, there are even extra chemicals you can buy for a small fee.  I've only just downloaded it and haven't yet bought this add-on, but I just know I will.

It's way too early for me to have given SwankoLab a thorough workout, but I do like what I see so far. The fork and hydrangea images, above, were taken using the Hipstamatic app, while Tippi's picture was taken using the iPhone's camera only, no app involved. Tonight I brought these into SwankoLab (along with some others, too many to show here!) and played around. I tried some of the included chemical formulations on the hydrangea photo as well as Tippi's picture, and I messed about with my own concoction with the fork photograph. It's easy and it's fun. I can just see it -- more iPhone shenanigans are in my future!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Shenanigans is such a good word for most of what you get up to :) I can tell by the look on Tippi's face that she has just about had it with that phone. You'll have to be careful, I can see it in the backyard someday with her other stash! Killing myself laughing at Tippi's latest "pose" !!! AND....OF COURSE, I'll have to get this app....oh guru of mine.

firstborn studio said...

oh lennie!
it's so good to hear from you...i have been lost in facebook and have completely neglected my little blog...worse yet i have all but abandoned my camera and am obsessing over all of the photography apps for iphone,most recently the hipstamatic!

your images are beautifulfunkyfab...what you choose to shoot at is wonderful and pleasing,i need to explore more and catch up...

x's & o's

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