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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines that make you go hmmmmmm

I was browsing around Flickr the other day and found some vintage valentines available for downloading. Some of them are just a little more......out there......than I remember. I've cleaned these three up a bit and saved them as PNG files (so they have a transparent background) and offer them up here for you. Click on each one to see it full-sized. Download and share with your loved ones. If you dare!


Jerry Jones said...

Oh lord, I can remember these type of Valentines when I was in grade school, and that's been a really long time.

Thanks for the nostalgic trip.

littlepurpleroom said...

HAHA Yeah RED FLAGS all over the place. I remember these from the '60's
I hated Valentines exchange day at school.
Boys were icky.
Some still are.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I loved Valentine exchange day! Loved the vintage Valentines! Thanks for sharing these and for your visit! Nice to meet you!

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