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Friday, January 29, 2010

Under a Melbourne moon

Our time in Florida has begun. We arrived here a few days ago and are comfortably settled into our hotel until we can get into the condo. The weather has been spectacular, although thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow. Tonight we have been treated to a full moon in a virtually cloudless sky and it was a photographic opportunity I just could not resist. You can even see Mars tonight, a shining pinlight to the left of the moon.

Our hotel balcony overlooks the ocean and so outside I went, just a short time ago. Out came the tripod, on went the camera. And instead of relying on the camera's special night settings that never seem to work as well as they should, I trusted my instincts -- and my memory -- and went manual.

I'm not entirely pleased with the series of shots I took but I'm not unhappy either. I love how the slow shutter speed allows so much light that the sky has a blue tinge to it. I'm so glad I brought the tripod along and hope to put it to good use on our winter escape.

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1 comment:

Leslie Jane Moran said...

gorgeous shot. my word verification is "shiptap". reminiscent of the owl and the pussycat methinks. were you dancing by the light of the moon?

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