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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A thief among us

Oh, I know what you're thinking. Look at that sweet face. Surely this is not a thief.

Do not be fooled. Yes, she's sweet. Yes, she's cute and adorable. And yes, she is a paper thief.

Paper products in my home are not safe from Tippi's larcenous jaws. If you have a paperback novel in your hands, she will try to get a grip, have a nibble. Receipts, notes....she thinks they're delicious. You know that old saying, the dog ate my homework? If we had young children, I'm sure their teacher would be hearing it. And every word would be true.

Her favourite -- I mean, what she absolutely loves -- are tissues. Kleenex. Nothing is as attractive as a tissue. If I set one down in my lap, she instantly appears out of nowhere and, in a flash, she is off with her purloined prize. The captain and I have fished innumerable soggy tissues out of her mouth.

Tippi is always on the alert for the opportunity to obtain yet another tissue. She can have her head in my lap while I am petting her with one hand, but if a kleenex is in my other hand, her eyes never leave it. She plots her next move. She is very observant.

Speaking of observations, did you notice the similarity between the background in Tippi's image and the one in yesterday's creation? It's basically the same; I monkeyed around with it and came up with something I really like:

This background is now in my Freebies set on Flickr and I hope you wander over there to download it and then create something wonderful. Let me know if you do; I'd love to see it!


Lost Aussie said...

Great photo Lennie and it sounds as if Tippy has a fabulous personality!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Now I know what to get the Tipster for Christmas! Her very own box of Kleenex :)

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