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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The textured angel

Did you ever experience a time when you're torn between so many different tasks you just don't know what to tackle first? That's where I am right now. The captain totally surprised me on Mother's Day with a gorgeous hot pink iPod. I have been using a very cute but very inadequate Disney MixStick (Tinkerbell) as my MP3 player, so this new iPod is a real treat. Of course I love the colour but, even more, I love the versatility! I have immersed myself in learning iTunes, creating playlists, downloading podcasts, etc. Plus I have been working on many different art projects, not counting the various challenge sites I regularly check out.

Of all the challenge sites, I find that
Art Creations Friday really stretches my limits because I am forced to use an image not of my choosing to create a project. Yesterday's challenge features a lovely textured background instead of the typical vintage photographs I have come to expect from that site. I really enjoyed working with it and decided to create a piece of art using one of my numerous angel images. Not straying very far from my comfort zone, I know, but it was what I was immediately drawn to when I started the project.

Let's see, what else is keeping me busy? Shopping for a new sofa (leather or microsuede?) .... reorganizing my art studio (where did all this stuff come from and why can't I part with any of it?) .... scanning old photographs (who knew that photoshop could conveniently divide multiple scanned photos into individual images?) .... plus more mundane enterprises such as menu planning for the week and tackling mountains of laundry.

And stay tuned tomorrow: I will announce the
contest winners then. Yes, winnerS!


Femmy said...

fantastic piece!! the angel blends so well in the background!!

Anonymous said...

Its gorgeous.

Lost Aussie said...

This came out beautifully Lennie. The texture looks grea with the angel.

vintage wil said...

What a fantastic piece!! beautiful angel!!!

Stacy said...

Oh wow! This is really original and very special!

And, hey, I did not know Photoshop would divide up my scanned pictures automatically! Which part of the program performs this magic?

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