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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Talisman Tree Tuesday: six

Hard to believe, but I'm posting the sixth Talisman Tree today. This project has taken on wings. I have two others that are about halfway done, although you should likely take that "halfway" indicator with a grain of salt, as I am never sure when a project is done. I worry more about adding too much than not adding enough and I have learned through trial and error (lots of error) to trust my instincts when they tell me "enough!"

Such was the case with this Talisman Tree. I just kept adding layer after layer, changing colours, etc. Then I added words. Then I took them away. Then I added them back but showcased them quite differently than at first. And so on and so on. I finally had to listen to my inner voice telling me to stop. I'm glad I listened; if I had continued to add, I think I would have ruined it.


Susan Williamson said...

Stunning!!! I always look forward to seeing what you're doing with your images in Photoshop. It inspires me.
P.S. One of the things I love about Photoshop is that you can experiment to your heart's content, and there's always a personal story unfolding behind the finished image.

prkl said...

This is just great! Would hang it in my wall any day. Superb Photoshopping! Happy TC!!!

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