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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The beautiful Canadian butter tart

Canadian cuisine is a passion of mine. I may not be a french fry fanatic, but I do like poutine. And you won't see me turn down a nanaimo bar or a butter tart. Ah, butter tarts. Mmm. For my American friends, the filling in a butter tart is similar to pecan pie. But only similar. Like pecan pie, they sometimes have nuts -- I have a friend who likes them with both walnuts and raisins -- but they are most often served plain or with raisins. I am a raisin girl myself.

Many years ago I came across a prize-winning butter tart recipe from Wilkie's Bakery in Orillia, Ontario, and I never looked back; it became the only recipe I use. So I was delighted when Kris Honsberger from The Back of the Cupboard contacted me a few days ago, asking for permission to publish the results of her recipe testing of these particular tarts.

Delighted for two reasons. I love these tarts and just knew that Kris would end up loving them too, but I was also delighted that she had the courtesy to ask permission. She found the recipe at my online cookbook and didn't want to just go ahead and put it on her blog without checking with me first. Very classy. Please check out The Back of the Cupboard; it will make you want to head into your kitchen and start cooking!

Kris did give the butter tarts a go -- you can read about it HERE -- and I believe she is possibly now addicted! You will be too. I highly recommend you try them yourself; if you do not want to tackle homemade pastry, the tart shells you find in the freezer section at your grocery store will work just fine. Happy eating!

1 comment:

A bird in the hand said...

Occasionally with raisins.

(I love nuts, but not in butter tarts.)

and I liked them straight out of the fridge, all nice and chewy...


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