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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amazing architectural photographs

The postman brought me a real treat today: the "Architecture" PhotoArts journal. I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. PhotoArts is a group of very talented photographers, a group of which I'm proud to be a member, and approximately every six weeks we create a new journal, a new book of images.

The current theme was architecture and I had a devil of a time selecting just one photograph to include. Yes, it would have been acceptable to submit more than one image -- I've done that with past books -- but decided to force myself to choose just one. It was hard! I ended up selecting a photograph I took in Pittsburgh last year; it's in my Pennsylvania gallery at Flickr. You can see it HERE, although my submission to the book was slightly cropped. And, above, is my design for the back of the image.

I have enjoyed every PhotoArts book, but I definitely think this one is my favourite. A big THANK YOU to Catherine Anderson, the creative genius behind PhotoArts!

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