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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yes, we are back home and happy to once again have our own pillows, our own bathroom, even our own coffee mugs. And we're delighted to be back with our pets, our family, our friends. Do we miss the 80-degree weather, the sunshine, the ocean waves? Yes, we do. But it's always good to return home.

Unfortunately, the news when we returned home was not all good. My brother-in-law's family suffered a big loss while we were gone: the passing of their beloved golden retriever, Franklin. (Both Franklin and our dog Terra are pictured above.) While out trick-or-treating with his family on Hallowe'en, he apparently got down on a neighbour's lawn, stretched out, and never got back up. He was rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic but it was too late. A heart attack, I've been told. He and our dog Terra were about the same age, with Terra just a few months older. This came as quite a shock to us as Franklin appeared to be in good health. We adored Franklin and we will miss him. He was a good dog.

The above photo is one of both Franklin (the golden) and our Terra (the border collie, on the right) that was taken many years ago, when they were both about one.

While on the subject of pets, our Terra is having a bit of a problem right now with her appetite -- it's just not there, highly unusual for her. She did miss us terribly while we were gone, our son told us, and hardly ate at all for the entire three weeks we were away, but we've been back for several days now and she's still mostly shunning her food. She visited the vet yesterday and tests were run and suggestions offered. The vet called today and the results of the tests are mostly good news, with a small concern due to a lower-than-ideal protein level in her blood. Not below normal, but it should be higher. We are now tempting her with higher-calorie food and will continue to monitor her food intake. I hope all is well.

Hug your pet today!

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