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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nigel, we will miss you

It was only a few short weeks ago that my sister-in-law's family in Indiana lost one of their precious cats, Tuxedo. I'm afraid there's more sad news: this morning, their Nigel was killed by some sort of wild animal while protecting another of their kitties. This is completely his nature -- if he had been a person, he'd be that big brother who would always protect you, no matter what. Nigel died a hero's death but that is little consolation when you lose a beloved pet. Above is a photo of both Nigel, on the left, and Tux on the right. They were the two black cats at my sister-in-law's home and I was delighted this spring when I was able to capture a photo of both of them, sitting still and beside eachother. It is now a very precious photograph.


Lost Aussie said...

Aw..that is so sad, they look like they were great mates.

Kristin said...

Oh dear. Sadness and more sadness.

Ana said...

Many cats have passed through our lives leaving deep footprints in our hearts. They unforgettable: Blanca, Perla, Chica Loca, Nocturno, Choriza, Micaela and so on. The other six at home one day will go away too.
I know exactly what your sister in law is feeling now.
All over the worl are cat lovers.. we know what wonderful times they can bring to us.
I feel sorry for you, from as far as Chile.

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